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LOCATION: Yungaburra, Tinaroo & Danbulla

Photos courtesy of Tourism Tropical North Tourism, Tourism & Events Queensland

Of the best places to visit in Far North Queensland and the Wet Tropics, Yungaburra would sit right near the top of the list. It is a small rural town lying just next to some of the greatest highlights in the tropics including Lake Tinaroo, Dinbulla National Park, and the volcanic Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine. The town itself is a quaint little place with some amazing Bed and Breakfasts and Air BnB’s. The region revolves around tourism these days and with so much to do it is recommended to stay for at least a couple of days. This article will focus on some of the many activities to do in the region to tantalise your senses.

Yungaburra, Tinaroo and Danbulla, in the Atherton Tablelands

On the first morning you awaken it is definitely advisable to go for a morning walk down to Peterson Creek. With the cooling mist around and the lovely tropics it creates the perfect Zen ambience to spot the weirdly wonderful platypus and the endemic saw shell turtle. You can walk for as little as two minutes or two hours and you will start to feel why this area creates such a relaxing vibe.

Lake Tinaroo is one of the biggest draw cards to visit here. It was Tinaroo creek before 1958 when the authorities decided to dam it for agricultural purposes. It was an amazing turning point for the region as it opened up the Tablelands to be a food bowl for Queensland, it now produces most of the fruit and vegetables for North Queensland and also exports tropical fruit around the globe. Lake Tinaroo is about 37 square kilometres and is surrounded by Danbulla National Park. Activities here are all encompassing, including hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, water skiing, triathlons and adventure races. If you are looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy both Tinaroo and Danbulla NP you can also take a leisurely stroll along the jetty, this will take you to the dam spillway which is a great place to chill and have a picnic.

Danbulla National Park, which surrounds the north eastern side of the lake is a great place for camping. There are 5 secluded national park campsites where you can find some tranquility with nature and the vast array of birds in the area. The Whip Bird is definitely one to listen out for. This is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage listed area and has numerous creeks and short walks.

One of the big highlights in this park is also the Cathedral Fig tree which is thought to be part of the inspiration for the movie Avatar. This skyscraper of a tree is absolutely glorious and if you have the chance to visit at night you will more than likely be surrounded by glow flies and feel as if you have been transported to another part of the galaxy. It is also a great place to search for the elusive Boyd’s Forest Dragon, sugar gliders, tree kangaroos and even some smaller marsupials. On the very rare occasion you might even spot an echidna. Now, between the platypus at Peterson Creek and all of the unique creatures in Danbulla, how much more Australian can you get?

The region around Yungaburra has been formed by some very strong volcanic activity over time. Of the sixteen extinct volcanoes in the tableland region it is possible to visit two within close proximity to this lovely little town. These two craters span the majority of the Crater Lake National Park (also world heritage listed). Lake Eacham is an amazing place to visit for a silky smooth swim, to throw a kayak in and to spot some turtles. One of the best attributes to Lake Eacham is that you can not have any powered vehicles on it, so it keeps that tranquil vibe of the region. It is a local hangout and has been nicknamed as ‘The Beach of Yungaburra’ and is a great place to use the barbecue facilities and have a hike around the lake. Just be careful visiting on Australia Day as it is extremely busy as every man and his dog comes for the celebrations.

Lake Barrine is what is known as a volcanic maar which is right in the middle of some stunning rainforest. There is also some great walking trail and one of the huge attractions here are a pair of Bull Kauri Pine Trees reaching well over 40 metres high. For travellers who are looking for a guided experience you can jump on a rainforest and wildlife cruise for an informative cruise around the lake. There is also the Lake Barrine Teahouse where you can stop for a drink and their famous Devonshire Tea. There are also two rainforest walks, a short 160m trail and a longer 5 kilometre hike for those with a little more time.

So as you can see there is plenty to keep you occupied around the region of Yungaburra. It is a place to take your time and embrace whilst visiting. Hopefully this has helped you realise how serene this would be for a quiet Tablelands getaway. Now getaway and enjoy.

Photo credit: Photos courtesy of Tourism Tropical North Tourism, Tourism & Events Queensland