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Group Bookings & Private Charters

Book your group in for your own private experience with an itinerary made specifically for you.

They say the more the merrier, but when travelling with a group of 10+ you could book your own merry bunch in for a private charter. It can be difficult when traveling with such a large group, especially when you add in all the other guests going out on tour, it can be hectic. By booking a private charter, you can ensure you will get the most out of your experience without the chaos & make amazing memories with your travel group.

Around Cairns you will find there are numerous operators who run trips with small numbers, especially during these trying times. COVID19 has taken a toll on small operations, limiting availability, added stress and uncertainty over lockdowns, cancellations, and minimum numbers not being met. These issues are no longer a concern when booking a private charter as you know your group is good to go on a day suited to you.

Traveling with Kids Big & Small

Travelling with family can have its challenges, especially when you take into consideration ages of big & small children. When planning your adventures around the Cairns region, it can be difficult to find activities that suits all ages and attention spans. If this sounds like you, then a private group booking is exactly what you need. By booking a private excursion, operators can accommodate for issues more easily as there are no other paying guests to be mindful of. Customizing you experience can add great value to your day and may be more affordable than you think.

Corporate Groups

Make the most of your conference by booking a private charter for your group. Not only will you get the benefit of a private experience, but your group will also be able to connect and build relationships. You could build confidence by having them participate in one of the adventure tours available from Cairns. If educational experience is more your style, take a private bus tour of the world heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforest or a private sailboat to the Great Barrier Reef. Team building comes in all different styles, and the lasting benefits are priceless no matter how you go about it.