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Cape Trib & the Daintree

ITINERARY: Cape Tribulation 4/4

In our last article we were taking a drive along the Great Barrier Reef Drive. On this majestic journey we were explaining the merits of stopping at some of the major highlights and taking in some of the most immaculate scenery in the world. The last place we talked about was Jindalba Boardwalk, this is…

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January 26, 2022

ITINERARY: Cape Tribulation 3/4

In the first few articles in this series we have focused on some of the general information and the interesting history of Cape Tribulation. This article will give some insight into places you can visit on the way to and whilst in Cape Tribulation. This will help any avid tourist set up a cracking day…

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January 19, 2022

LOCATION: Cape Tribulation 2/4

Photos courtesy of Scott Plume, Barefoot Tours When you come up to Far North Queensland you will be astounded by many of the natural wonders, the reef, the rainforest, stunning waterfalls and astounding waterholes. With as much as there is to see through the region there is some equally important history associated with it. Cape…

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January 12, 2022

LOCATION: Cape Tribulation 1/4

Photos courtesy of Scott Plume, Barefoot Tours Cape Tribulation, it’s so much more than just “where the rainforest meets the reef”. When you read about Cape Trib, most articles will start by telling you how majestic the rainforest is. And, that its one of the only places where the rainforest meets the reef. And, to…

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January 5, 2022