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Half Day Canyon Experience

Cairns Canyoning

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Behana Canyon Ages 8+
Crystals Canyon Ages 12+
Person (Public Holidays)

Half Day Canyoning Experience in Cairns

Both our Half day Canyon options at Behana or Crystals are amazing, and you may be having a tough time trying to decide between the two below are the differences between each site but it doesn’t necessarily make the decision any easier!

Behana Canyon (12 noon – daily)

Cairns Canyoning has exclusive vehicle use of the 3.2km track to Behana Gorge situated in Wooroonooran World Heritage National Parks QLD. Surrounded by lush green rainforest & granite formations Behana is a wide open space with it’s main feature being a series of waterfalls coming together into a bowl… From the main waterfall you can expect to see a variety of water features your qualified tour guide will take you through on our adventures, the best thing about Behana Canyon experience is that everything on this course is optional & each of our guests can make the choices of what they’d like to do without it affecting the other people in their groups – this makes it ideal for families or those a little nervous or first time canyoners whilst still catering to those more intermediate/advanced levels.

  • Ages 8 years or older – due to every activity on course being optional
  • Abseils – up to 2
  • Rock Jumps – up to 3 (largest being 12m)
  • Rockslides – up to 2 (weather dependant)
  • Plunge pools or similar – up to 2 (weather dependant)
  • Water Chute – 1
  • Ziplines – none at this site

Crystal Canyon (6:30am – daily)

One of the most popular Waterfalls in the Cairns Region is the beautiful Crystal Cascades, surrounded by tropical rainforest, with a 2km track passing through of many water pools. Cairns Canyoning offers a whole other level of experience to explore these waterfalls through our water courses… Enjoy a 30 metre zipline into the refreshing pool, an abseil down & through one of the waterfalls itself, jumps, slides, abseils, a chance to appreciate nature in a different style of adventure.

  • Ages 12 years or older – only one way down
  • Abseils – up to 5 (largest being 32m / 104ft)
  • Rock Jumps – up to 2 (4m or optional 10m)
  • Rockslides – 1
  • Plunge pools or similar – none at this site
  • Water Chute – none at this site
  • Ziplines – 1 (30m into the water)